A head stone marker over grave

For days now I have been seeing in a vision a old head stone marker over a grave.. Kept wondering “what is this Lord?”. Sunday I shared about forgiving and moving on…. Was that it, I wondered. I heard of another ministry shutting it’s doors and leadership getting a divorce because of the strain upon their marriage cause by ministry… Was it this Lord?
I heard of a person who is truly a follower of Christ wondering if they were going to heaven when they die because of a stupid TV preacher lying about the graceof God and condemning a person to hell because of works.. Was this it Lord?

Then last night as I awoke the Lord began to show me……..

The tomb stone, the grave marker is old.. Because it represents old news, the old way of the law, the way of religious works… The gave means something died…. And this was His message….. “stop visiting the grave! Stop visiting your old self, stop visiting the law, stop visiting old thoughts, lay your flowers in homage to the departed and walk away…
The Lord said, “you are new, all things passed away, now all things made new, too many preachers and teachers will tell you come to the life in Christ, then nstruct you how to reserect your old self, and try to make that dead person be better trained and do good works… No it is dead… Lay flowers say good bye and live life new…

We must not allow our yesterday define our today nor our tomorrow!

Let Jesus define yesterday, you were forgiven, heard, redeemed… Your sins atoned for…
And move forward… Do not visit the grave…

On the head stone I saw this…. Here lies Theo Self let it be in the hand of God go and be a new self.

In love pastor frank



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