Dream of sheep and wolves


Last night, I dreamed the following prophetic dream.
I was walking and turned towards a back yard and first noticed sheep, cowered… I mean that they were scared, bent up in a submission way. Then I noticed the angry, violent wolves behind them. One large adult sheep was being cornered, not to be attacked, but to be kept away from the others. I walked straight up to this wolf and yelled for it to back off.  At first it did not respond, but as I stood my ground, the wolf went into coward profile, hunched down and backed away. I walked toward the back and a large Sheep was making noise towards a wolf.  I looked at the wolf and under the wolf’s paw was a lamb. This was the target.  You could tell the lamb had given up, and was going with the wolf.  I began to command the wolf to let the lamb go and leave… After only a few statements the wolf let go of the lamb, the lamb ran to the larger sheep, and the wolf went from advancer, attacker, to being ruled over. As I left the back yard noticed a sign that stated “Wolves not allowed”.

This was a dream about the law, repent only, Christian leaders. They rule over sheep by their intimidating stances over the church, their powerful presence. The sheep, not knowing, cower down. Some older Christians try to stand up but get cornered and separated. All the while the wolf has his paw, foot holding down the lamb.. the lamb of God… It only took one with authority, and not trying to please man, to take a stand and the true colors of the wolf showed. Finally, The sign was a point that those that preach “repent christian” ; law mixed with grace message, violate other laws… they pick which laws must be followed .. but overlook others… especially in their lives! Wolves, do not want you to be Holy, Righteous in Christ… but in their opinion. Most do not enjoy laughter in church, signs and wonders, healings in every meeting… They only see the same sheep cower down crying weeping over the same things over and over… But they have books… conferences, followers… That makes them correct!!!!!  Not!!!!!  Just sheepish people.. as they tread upon the head of Jesus and the message of the cross.

In the early 90’s as I preached revivals, many “spin offs” of the “renewal” movement out of Toronto, and the “Revival” movement out of Pensacola, as I preached, not knowing the fullness of the message I preach today, I would make this statement…..
“I do not know the last time I sinned.”
 Now, I understand this as the finished work of Christ, but back then it was just an observation.  I cannot tell you how many arguments ensued! With pastors, leaders and people… The funniest was that, after all was said, each would leave with this , “Well brother the sin of pride you just committed!” Which was untrue, because my life was lost in Christ and I was bragging upon the reality of what a life in Christ produces!  Grace produces! Sinless! Righteous, Holiness.  It amazed me, then and now, how many cling to their identity in Adam, the fallen state, instead of Jesus! How good God is to set us free! Now I know it is the message of Grace set me free from sin, but back then it was simply observing my life. I was so busy being happy, living for Christ, doing mission, outreach and Revival… seeing healings, raising the dead, and signs and wonders, drunk’n bliss laughter, and more… Who has time for sin!!!!!! Who would want to sin!!!!!!!

Yet even today ,if you preach grace, the lawyers, judges, and self appointed wolves label it “do as you want” freedom…. this only shows their ignorance… They say, stay miserable… Repent at your efforts.. you have a brass ceiling…  your prayers are blocked… . keep trying you might get it right “SOME DAY”.

Beware of the Christian Lawyers, Judges, Condemners….. Wolves…..
Embrace Grace….. Signs wonders and miracles .. the Prophetic…. Jesus!!!!
The Finished work of Christ…

In Love Frank Gresham


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