word for the church (people in buildings)


Welcome to 2013….. It is time to get over it!  In our churches we are not entering the fullness because of too much stuff is in the way.. From the leadership to the homeless guy getting food. We are the bride, we are the sons and daughters of the King, we are redeemed, we are called, we are filled, we have been given dominion!  But yet, we sit and argue over the color of the carpet! (just a simply example) 

Leadership: too much ego, the attitude of mine, entitled attitude, “I built it”,  too much manipulation, too much corporation thinking (Bottom line $), Too much building bigger is better, too much telling people what to do, Too much about self not enough about JESUS and the PRESENCE!  It is about loving GOD and LOVING EACH OTHER!

Second level of leadership: (Boards, Elders, Associates, titled people in the church)

It is not about your pastor! It Is about Jesus! If someone goes to another church it is OK! you can still be friends! You are not entitled, you are not the one who “paid to build the church”, you are not important! You opinion doesn’t count! If you have a prophetic WORD from the Lord speak up, but out of your flesh shut up! This level stifles the church more than any level! Middle MANAGEMENT! You are climbing a church ladder to where? LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE!

Church people: (Not in leadership, you are tithers, active) Stop following blindly! If you don’t fast, don’t follow the leaders, or corporate fast. If you don’t go to the streets to witness don’t go. If you love doing things in the church do them don’t let upper people tell you, “you cant”, it is your church too. You wanna dance , then dance, you wanna laugh, then laugh, you wanna swing banners, go for it.. PROPHECY! in the CHURCH go for it!  It is your church!!!! This is the group that needs to feel entitled….. but they have been put down so long they feel CONTROLLED!

Church goers: (The receivers, hand outs, Not homeless but always getting from church).

Serve for free.. If you get groceries, ask can I clean the floors, cut grass, serve… if you get a hand out to pay bills ask can I help in the nursery, can I help in the kitchen… Serve!!!! It will change your life…

ALL CHRISTIANS: learn there are millions of churches (buildings) and GOD LOVES THEM too, not just yours!


The Lord said,  “things are changing and my church, my beautiful bride, you must wake up!”

We must leave behind the child like actions and behaviors and enter into the maturity of the bride! Learning these things: My sins are forgiven, My spirit it full of the glory, now go and take ground! Heal the sick (Outside the walls ; meaning un-renewed folk)…. Show forth grace, Quit judging everything!

2013 is going to bring with it a lot to take in!  But the BRIDE is coming out – either with you or without you! So the Lord spoke to me write this down and let it be read… for It is time to LOVE GOD AND LOVE EACH OTHER.

I hope every one of the millions of Christians reads this and takes it to heart.

The Church in china is praying for persecution  to come to the western church so that we would wake up!  Would it be grand if we were awakened by the Spirit, instead of persecution and heeded the word???????

I believe 2013 is going to be the most amazing miracle filled, signs and wonders years since 2000 years ago!!!!!!

God is happy Why would he not be ???? He is about to put everything back in its place!

We are happy … even the Prophets wish to be alive to see this!

Everyone Get drunk on the glory and spread this joy of salvation GRACELATION around!!!

In Love Pastor Frank



One thought on “word for the church (people in buildings)

  1. nalonzo says:

    Good one. I pray everyone heeds the call. Love

    Nancy Alonzo P.O. Box 494 Slidell, La. 70459 504 324 2808 nancyalonzoministries.org

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