Grace life a vision of Revival



Had a vision of a Revival of Grace hitting the church and people in the Church….
First I saw people: they were getting the reality that as they looked at their lives they did not measure up to the teaching they sat under, those who acted out expecting God to move because of their action, it almost never worked for them.. they heard reports of others getting but somehow God was not pleased with them because it did not work for them. They were left in guilt, condemnation confusion, and shame because they must have done it wrong.  Other people were finding out that even the laws they chose, or were taught, to follow .. they never really did them fully and were left with guilt when they failed.. others were simply realizing they law was to show sin. Some people were truly finding out because of there “i am a sinner saved by grace” was truly giving them a license to sin, they knew there was more!
Second I saw the church and leaders of the church:
they were realizing that most of the people in their congregations were not disciples but observers. They were coming for the show, they were coming for the kids programs… bt lives were seldom changed, some but relatively low percentage of attendees. They started looking at how they mixed law and grace in their teachings. They began to preach Grace “straight with no chaser”.
Ministries who had taught “hate of the world and sinner” began to see the love of Christ instead of their hate a whole revival of grace and love broke out in these ministries.
As these things appeared those who have been living grace in their ministry for years and some newcomers started seeing increase in demands, locally and around the world, but mainly in America, for them to come and teach.   I saw people leaving the church to heal the sick, cast out devils, and share the good news. the church filled with people simply to worship and hear testimonies of what God was doing so they could go and do the same thing.
Revivals of Grace began to spread to Israel and a grand revival broke out.. GOD TV began to see revival fires burning throughout Israel and began reporting on it and secular media picked up their reports.
Breakout of goodness, glory began to spread to those about to be saved……..
Then I saw a Heavenly Realm open up and His Glory fell like never before upon His bride.
Bliss… Pastor frank Gresham


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