Judgement “harbinger”

Ok best seller… Every good republican Christian read and agrees with this Jewish writer..
Except me…
In a nut shell God is mad at American Christians and the country itself because of three major issues.. Israel… Abortion .. And homosexuality..
Well simply if this is true then God loves and blesses Christians who abide in These things…
Uganda has a death sentence for homosexuals.. But yet the country is one of the poorest and economically challenged.. They buy their gas by the coke bottle size instead of by gallon or liter..
India is the most supportive of Israel and as we know it is a country with huge problems…
Chili abortion is illegal and yet you do not see the blessings of God poured out..

My point is this.. If a god is going to punish one country and not bless another country then what is this God???
Why is this book even read? It is read because we are hearing in our pulpits an angry God, a judging God… Instead of a loving forgiving God.. So the book fits our doom and gloom outlook… I can never be good enough…
We watch FOX news and we think the whole world is coming apart… No… I do not preach the end of the world, but the revelation of the kingdom of God.
” if I find only one righteous.” God held of his punishment…… “if the people would turn back to their God ” as Jonah sat watching for God to destroy a people.. Yet God’s grace is awesome… What about this God of the bible…

The harbinger is the biggest joke the American church has made a person a millionaire by supporting such garbage…..
Grace was given 2000 years ago… Forgiveness, righteousness, holiness… It is not the nations to lead the church, but the church to disciple nations on the grace message, not judgement, ….

We need to wake up and use our heads for more than a place to hang a hat or hair clip…
Wake up know The God of the cross… Forgiving, life changing.. Good God.. Happy God…

Love.. Pastor frank



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