Discovery of works /reward theology

Grace June 13

When you feel as if you have not received from God something /- blessings- healings- vision- ministry- words-insight-warnings-material things-/ due to your efforts, obedience, sacrifice, actions…. Or the lack there-of….. You find that you are under works theology of some measure.

The discovery that you have received these teachings, the knowledge of your works theology and these beliefs that they are true biblically, causes you to undermine grace without even knowing it.
Romans 11:6 and if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.

The discovery that a person has that they actually live in a works / actions for reward / Christian walk is actually good. Just as in our recovery program, the first step is admission, recognition of a problem. To come to a realization that I have been trained by leaders to live in this rewards kind of relationship with God is good! Even Paul and Peter both had this understanding.

Acts 10:11-16
He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. It contained all kinds of four- footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”
“Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.”
The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”
This happened three times, and immediately the sheet was taken back to heaven.

This was Paul description of his life under the law as a religious Jew : Romans 7:14-20
We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin. I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.

Both came to a place of understanding that works got them no where, except to condemn themselves or question themselves, and even question God. We begin to question even the truth of God when works Christianity does not work. I do this – God does that ….. When God does not do, that is when we question us and question God.

The good news or happy gospel is that it was by His work upon the cross that gave us the ability to understand the simplicity of blessing, receiving, and God’s good nature and ability. Never once thinking, oh I can get away with my actions now ( give license to the flesh) , we are drawn by this goodness and changed by this new creature we have become, with a new righteous nature. Giving our flesh a license to please itself just seems wrong.

Galatians 5:17-18
For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.

We are led by the Spirit, not by the flesh and longer. We must be aware of the desires of he flesh and submit them to the Spirit to overcome the schemes of the enemy. Truthfully this is very easy and not much effort because His love grows in us stronger daily, and from this new found love we are down not holiness, righteousness and our action reflect Him, not us.

Shabba glory – Frank Gresham



Judgement “harbinger”

Ok best seller… Every good republican Christian read and agrees with this Jewish writer..
Except me…
In a nut shell God is mad at American Christians and the country itself because of three major issues.. Israel… Abortion .. And homosexuality..
Well simply if this is true then God loves and blesses Christians who abide in These things…
Uganda has a death sentence for homosexuals.. But yet the country is one of the poorest and economically challenged.. They buy their gas by the coke bottle size instead of by gallon or liter..
India is the most supportive of Israel and as we know it is a country with huge problems…
Chili abortion is illegal and yet you do not see the blessings of God poured out..

My point is this.. If a god is going to punish one country and not bless another country then what is this God???
Why is this book even read? It is read because we are hearing in our pulpits an angry God, a judging God… Instead of a loving forgiving God.. So the book fits our doom and gloom outlook… I can never be good enough…
We watch FOX news and we think the whole world is coming apart… No… I do not preach the end of the world, but the revelation of the kingdom of God.
” if I find only one righteous.” God held of his punishment…… “if the people would turn back to their God ” as Jonah sat watching for God to destroy a people.. Yet God’s grace is awesome… What about this God of the bible…

The harbinger is the biggest joke the American church has made a person a millionaire by supporting such garbage…..
Grace was given 2000 years ago… Forgiveness, righteousness, holiness… It is not the nations to lead the church, but the church to disciple nations on the grace message, not judgement, ….

We need to wake up and use our heads for more than a place to hang a hat or hair clip…
Wake up know The God of the cross… Forgiving, life changing.. Good God.. Happy God…

Love.. Pastor frank


Gracelation… The joy of our salvation

Hebrews 5:11 (MSG)
11-14I have a lot more to say about this, but it is hard to get it across to you since you’ve picked up this bad habit of not listening. By this time you ought to be teachers yourselves, yet here I find you need someone to sit down with you and go over the basics on God again, starting from square one—baby’s milk, when you should have been on solid food long ago! Milk is for beginners, inexperienced in God’s ways; solid food is for the mature, who have some practice in telling right from wrong.

Milk is instruction, teaching, revelation…. Meat is you acting upon instruction, teaching, revelation… The meat of the word and maturity comes in the doing the Fathers will… From faith of the knowledge of God… Who we are…..
I attended a small bible school in the 1990’s called “Arlington school of biblical studies” in it our teacher Dena gave us an assignment…. It changed my view of everything I had learned up Neil that time, and still include it in my life and teachings today… The assignment… “go and list every scripture that states… Who you are “in Christ, by Christ, through Christ”….. Not what did I do to get to do the things of Christ, but what am I, who am I, what do I do… Because of Christ in me… It was the beginning of my understanding of the finished work of Christ…. It takes a lot of renewing your mind when the church is filled with human efforts and exercise to gain God, to entertain God, to draw God, to please God, to get God to do……. Even songs talk of these human works……

We must get off milk and onto the things God gave us to do… Heal the sick, raise the dead, reach the lost, feed the hungry, give new drink to the thirsty….. Love God with our very expressions, love humans as we love ourselves…. Giving grace as we have fully received grace….

It is not that we have been wrongfully instructed, simply that is is easier to give a list of works instead of change from the inside out… Many left Jesus because they saw grace teaching as too hard…. It is easier to tell people do this, don’t do that… Than to teach the bible and state you are dead, now you only exist through Christ…. Die to your desire for anything other than to bring the Father glory…. Die to your will, let the Fathers will be done… Understand sin was paid for and done away with, not simply forgiven…. Forgiveness is the act of turning from our ways, sin was bound to he law and could not be fixed, but must be atoned for, taken away, removed… As upon a cross a sacrificial lamb took sin away….

We must join with Christ, in Christ… Here is the fullness of joy….

Final note today….. I trust the Lord with divine health, protection, .. In 20 years of ministry I have seen the Lord price for sickness and death raise 3 people from the dead, open blind eyes, the lame have walked, cancers leave bodies….. But yet on June 12th 2013 I heard from a doctor, ” you have a terminal cancer that is incurable, but treatable.” WOW! Try that on your spiritual brain wave……. But yet I am here to tell you …. I am healed, this is not going to kill me… And I might have limited days on this earth but I choose to use these days to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons… Not to be pleasing to God, but it is who I am… It is who you are… Not rewards, giftings, or anything else other than it is who we are… We are children of God asked to do the very thing Jesus did……

Pray that I am a miracle, and I am healed from this incurable cancer… But also know I only seek open door to bring His glorious work and teaching to the bride to see them be written letters written by God for all mankind to read… That by watching and observing the bride, the churches actions they get the same message Jesus brought… You can’t obey the law, so grace is your opportunity for freedom… Now go and do the will of the Father, walk in the same glory…..

Thanks for reading….. Recommended reading: “mystical union” by john Crowder….. “extra virgin grace by Ryan Rufus…. “so you think your mind is renewed” by cornel Marais

I need your support, invitations and scheduling… Being that I have been going through treatments, I could not travel.. But starting in October and November I can again bring this glory to your church, conference or meeting… Please begin asking to beau on the schedule…
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Bliss joy. Frank Gresham

Break out of religious practices and enter His loving arm


The common understanding of all churches is a “universalist theology”, which states, ” because of one man, Adam, all mankind has sinned”. We all believe this and trust this to be true…….

Then why is it so hard to understand the universal price of salvation through one man Jesus? Now, before you think I am a universalist, which I am not, I do believe, trust and know that every person must have an encounter with Jesus to enter this kingdom on earth…. As I call it a gracelation encounter. I do not believe according to scripture that some people are predestined to Hell, I do not believe God died upon the cross and took the sins of the world, but that world was limited to a few lucky souls, I do not believe that the greater glory of salvation upon the cross was limited to a few lucky people who were elected before time and the rest of the world simply has no opportunity to enter the kingdom of God.

Does not the bible tell us that the actions of Jesus were greater than the actions of Adam? If this be true, then how much more the opportunity for man to gain sonship, become daughters, of the king of kings? We are to be living examples of the teachings of Jesus, Poppa, Holy Spirit….. Including the writings from the trinity given through Paul and others….

He has given us every spiritual gift of heaven, placed in seats of authority, all that is His has been given to us, our sin has been taken, and new life replaced the fallen state of the universalIsm down fall of man created by Adam and Eve.

This always comes up…… What about…? What about people who claim being saved but live like the devil? What about people who say ” I said a prayer, now I can do what I want.”.
We are not talking about a knowledge of Christ and he cross…. I am talking about an encounter with my love, my savior, my friend, my all in all….. Once this encounter takes place your life is not restricted, but constrained…… We are constrained by love, devotion. Our action follow the actions of our savior… Our lives are lived not for ourselves but for Christ…

Absolute freedom to stay at rest, in His loving arms, drunken on His glorious presence, whacked by His goodness, and we embrace His grace for all we meet…..
For the thirsty and drink
For the hungry, meat
For the bound, freedom
The sick, healing,
The captive, broken chains
Loving everyone as if there are only two kinds of people in the world, those that love and follow Christ, and those that are about to! Which one are you?

My message is to get you free… Free to enjoy God, not be scared of Him
Free to laugh, love, dance and embrace the King.
My desire is too have Christians not see themselves as ” better than” but to see themselves as one with the answer for your sickness sin or disease.
For Christians to be known by love and grace not judgmental, condemnation, and arrogance.

The only way this happens is by encountering through a gracelation experience a loving Father, saving Son, and empowering Spirit……..

Think upon it this way….. All people at one time are on a road that they do not know.. Called sin… At some point the encounter love, Christ, grace… A crossroad and they see Jesus, pure and holy…. They have a choice to stay on the road of sin or turn onto the new road….. The benefit of turning is not known until the turn is made… But you find yourself dressed differently, in the mirror you resemble the savior, you have a glory upon you and it is the same glory you encountered at that crossroad, you see love, extreme joy overtakes you and you laugh at the simplest of things….. You find you have become new….

Hopefully you will not be riding a horse when this comes upon you… You might find yourself on the floor blinded by His presence.. (reference to Paul’s conversion) ….

I hope you were blessed by this..

Note: we are looking for people to help us with fund raising to pay for my medical treatments…. If you want to be a team leader contact John Dethlefs @…. Thanks

Has been….. But now……

I am a has been….. You are a has been… They all are has been’s………

Now are……

People might have been:
Caught up in sex trafficking…
Drunk and with many DWI
Married but many affairs
Followed other gods
Been a stripper
1% biker
Business man, selfish and prideful
Slept with many partners
A prostitute
Leader of a church but knew in your heart you did not know Jesus
Worked at trying to improve yourself
Tried to make God approve of you and like you
Shot heroine
Crack cocaine
Cooked meth
Just an average joe, but going nowhere and hated church and church people
Really no vises…. Just a simple country boy
A rock star
Bi polar
And anything else…….

But now and forever more you are….
With a renewed mind
At peace
New creature
Walking in heaven places
Exercising spiritual authority
Irritating the devil
Laughing a lot
Enjoy worship
Love church
Love the wold as Christ loves the world
Love drinking new wine….!!!!!
Having visions
Prophetic words
And much much more

I am a has been that is now and forever more a Son of the King!

You are to because of the sacrifice of the King, Jesus, the lion / lamb that took your sin away… Now and forever more changed, given, forgiven… Walking in the fullness of joy……

Don’t get hung up and out on what has been .. But live what has become… You did not simply get saved, but you were buried in the likeness and fullness of His death… Now live in the likeness and fullness of His resurrection……

If it s not fun don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!

In love at Thunderbeach biker rally in Panama City Beach Fl……
Pastor frank…..
of joy

Shabba missions….

Many of you that keep up with our missions and revival schedule know this next statement… Here we go again…..
I am on the road to Thunderbeach, in Panama City Beach FL, for another biker event mission… I will be joined by Dean Cheeks and Pastor Nancy… Plus joining up with City Church Canton GA and lance Johnson……..
This year we have moved our site to the boardwalk resort and with “Full Throttle” biker magazine…
We are looking forward to another great weekend of holy spirit testimonies…. Shabba..

As you know I just finished up the Uganda mission… Well it continues.. Reports back that over 18 people received Christ, over 13 healings… And many were illnesses that had been on people for over 6 years!!!! Shabba… But best of all joy and laughter rang out in the air… We will soon have information about helping a child in Uganda with direct support… Paying for school, clothes, shelter and food for orphans being touched by ACM ministries…. This support is not a fund raiser for the ministry but 100% goes to your child….. Also we will soon be partnering with our brothers at CCM ( Morningstar missions) and Zoa water to get a well at the church and school we visited… They walk 4 miles each way for water…!!!!!!! So up and coming missions…

June 15-24 beach reach mission training and outreach. Coming soon…..

Also be praying…. “King of Glory Biker Church” is beginning September 28, 2012… Putting together worship team, and setting up venue site… Will be at biker venue or bar!!!!! If you live near Daytona and want to help please contact me…..

Shabba glory. Pastor frank

Mission Uganda 2012

Praise the lord…. We are bliss, blasted in His glory realm…

Writing this from a hotel… But suppose to be in the air flying home!!!!!!
Last night at 11 pm boarded plane only to be taken off collect bags and be sent to hotel….
Today will fly out at 11 pm..hopefully… And be home Saturday night at 6:30 pm… 24 hours late…
Nancy Alonzo still needs prayer for flights… Last night when we arrived at airport they did not have reservation for Nancy!!!!! They said she was listed as no show out of new Orleans… Thanks UA!!!!
So we have no phone so we are trying to contact through email and get her home!!! Pray..

Now last 2weeks….

We held 3 pastors conference in three villages in the “bush”… Plus on bible school graduation and one ordination service…. Each meeting was scheduled for 10am-4pm everyday due to no electricity except for generator we used for sound system… On travel days we would conclude meeting at 1 pm and then drive to next town..
We would stay in hotels in nearest town to village which sometimes was an hour away.

A typical day was up at 7:30…. Breakfast ( I brought instant Starbucks.. Glory)… Load up at 9 and drive to village … Once arrived we would give out gifts to school children in village going to schools provided by the local church we were working with…. Then set up sound system and begin… Which normally was about 11am.. African time!!!!!

Then worship for about an hour then Aurora would teach… Winnie say a few words… Then nancy would go about an hour and I would take the rest of the time!!! he he

Alters were full every meeting…
Healings reported:
Neck injured for 6 years instantly healed
Woman with stomach issues for over 3 years healed
Another lady head aches healed
Deaf ears..opened
One man with seeing sight problems healed
Many others…..

I met a lady who was raised from the dead in 2002!!!! She had been dead 3 days and the pastor was praying only 3 hours before she was to be buried… A local unbeliever came in and mocked his prayers, and his God…. Then only hours before she was going to be buried. She came alive!!!!!

Another story of a young boy raised from the dead!!!!!! 1 1/2 years old died… They brought him to the church while service was going on… The preacher was preaching on the power of the resurrection… They gave the boy to the pastor and as he prayed the boy came back to life….

Joy… In each meeting laughter could be heard!!!! This is not normal for these people living out in the bush people are hardened and not emotional… By the last meeting of three in each village they would be rolling on the ground in full joy and laughter!!!!

On the trip from village #2 to village #3 our car broke down!! The tie rod broke holding the tire and being able to steer…. We took the car part off… Abu, took a boda boda ( small motorcycle they use kind of like a one seat taxis) to another town …. Four hours later, he arrived back… 30 minutes to put part back on… Back on road arriving at our next hotel (45 minutes from village) at 10 pm… Driving at night in the bush is a bit un- nerving!!!

Some roads in the bush are paved but majority are clay mud with huge ruts caused by rain run off… So you average about 25 miles per hour anywhere you go.

In villages houses are huts… Made from wood logs as a skeleton… Then mud about 9 inches thick.. With straw or grass roofs…. Some structures if you have a bit more money are made from home made bricks… These are made from clay blocks hand made then they stack them in huge pyramids then build fires under the pyramid and cook them for two days… These structures still have mud plaster out side and grass or straw roof… Some churches and school buildings are brick with metal sheet roofing…

Water some times is 4 miles away causing each family to walk both ways about every other da to fetch water for cooking, cleaning and drinking..

Aurora a missionary from victory fellowship in new Orleans is doing amazing work .. Single woman in a male dominated church structure.. But she is helping schools, orphans, and pastors increase and be better…. We will soon have a way for churches to send supplies clothing… Plus make it available for you to sponsor an orphan for $35 a month…

Please continue to pray.. Until I get home safely ..

Love ya pastor frank