Two things produced



As I read the stories of the lifestyle and action, plus the words of Jesus I am always amazed at two thing, His peace in every situation, and His ability to walk in authority as a man.

This must have, and does, come to us through the knowledge of presence and position.

Knowing the presence and reality of heaven and Father…. And Who the King / Father / Poppa says we are…

It goes to renewing your mind… this is not renewing our mind of our opinions, nor sin, but who we are… whose we are…. And what we are to do….

Renewing our mind, teaching others to heal the sick….. This is a funny statement… because it is not us but Him, but yet many think they can’t which is true… but they can because they simply need to learn to be empty, let go and let God….    To laugh a lot…. Lay on the floor  a lot…. Put on worship and watch the visions come…..

Our ability to walk in the supernatural is a direct relationship with our ability to receive the Kingdom….

In our meetings I have seen God heal all who were in the room healed… gold dust covering people for days… oil coming out of the palms of peoples hands.. Angelic appearances…. But the greatest two things that happens… one) when souls are saved, two) when others start learning they can walk in the supernatural Kingdom of God …doing the very works of Jesus…..

Whoooooosh’m Lord!!!!!!

Shabba glory….

In love pastor frank


Grace life a vision of Revival



Had a vision of a Revival of Grace hitting the church and people in the Church….
First I saw people: they were getting the reality that as they looked at their lives they did not measure up to the teaching they sat under, those who acted out expecting God to move because of their action, it almost never worked for them.. they heard reports of others getting but somehow God was not pleased with them because it did not work for them. They were left in guilt, condemnation confusion, and shame because they must have done it wrong.  Other people were finding out that even the laws they chose, or were taught, to follow .. they never really did them fully and were left with guilt when they failed.. others were simply realizing they law was to show sin. Some people were truly finding out because of there “i am a sinner saved by grace” was truly giving them a license to sin, they knew there was more!
Second I saw the church and leaders of the church:
they were realizing that most of the people in their congregations were not disciples but observers. They were coming for the show, they were coming for the kids programs… bt lives were seldom changed, some but relatively low percentage of attendees. They started looking at how they mixed law and grace in their teachings. They began to preach Grace “straight with no chaser”.
Ministries who had taught “hate of the world and sinner” began to see the love of Christ instead of their hate a whole revival of grace and love broke out in these ministries.
As these things appeared those who have been living grace in their ministry for years and some newcomers started seeing increase in demands, locally and around the world, but mainly in America, for them to come and teach.   I saw people leaving the church to heal the sick, cast out devils, and share the good news. the church filled with people simply to worship and hear testimonies of what God was doing so they could go and do the same thing.
Revivals of Grace began to spread to Israel and a grand revival broke out.. GOD TV began to see revival fires burning throughout Israel and began reporting on it and secular media picked up their reports.
Breakout of goodness, glory began to spread to those about to be saved……..
Then I saw a Heavenly Realm open up and His Glory fell like never before upon His bride.
Bliss… Pastor frank Gresham

word for the church (people in buildings)


Welcome to 2013….. It is time to get over it!  In our churches we are not entering the fullness because of too much stuff is in the way.. From the leadership to the homeless guy getting food. We are the bride, we are the sons and daughters of the King, we are redeemed, we are called, we are filled, we have been given dominion!  But yet, we sit and argue over the color of the carpet! (just a simply example) 

Leadership: too much ego, the attitude of mine, entitled attitude, “I built it”,  too much manipulation, too much corporation thinking (Bottom line $), Too much building bigger is better, too much telling people what to do, Too much about self not enough about JESUS and the PRESENCE!  It is about loving GOD and LOVING EACH OTHER!

Second level of leadership: (Boards, Elders, Associates, titled people in the church)

It is not about your pastor! It Is about Jesus! If someone goes to another church it is OK! you can still be friends! You are not entitled, you are not the one who “paid to build the church”, you are not important! You opinion doesn’t count! If you have a prophetic WORD from the Lord speak up, but out of your flesh shut up! This level stifles the church more than any level! Middle MANAGEMENT! You are climbing a church ladder to where? LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE!

Church people: (Not in leadership, you are tithers, active) Stop following blindly! If you don’t fast, don’t follow the leaders, or corporate fast. If you don’t go to the streets to witness don’t go. If you love doing things in the church do them don’t let upper people tell you, “you cant”, it is your church too. You wanna dance , then dance, you wanna laugh, then laugh, you wanna swing banners, go for it.. PROPHECY! in the CHURCH go for it!  It is your church!!!! This is the group that needs to feel entitled….. but they have been put down so long they feel CONTROLLED!

Church goers: (The receivers, hand outs, Not homeless but always getting from church).

Serve for free.. If you get groceries, ask can I clean the floors, cut grass, serve… if you get a hand out to pay bills ask can I help in the nursery, can I help in the kitchen… Serve!!!! It will change your life…

ALL CHRISTIANS: learn there are millions of churches (buildings) and GOD LOVES THEM too, not just yours!


The Lord said,  “things are changing and my church, my beautiful bride, you must wake up!”

We must leave behind the child like actions and behaviors and enter into the maturity of the bride! Learning these things: My sins are forgiven, My spirit it full of the glory, now go and take ground! Heal the sick (Outside the walls ; meaning un-renewed folk)…. Show forth grace, Quit judging everything!

2013 is going to bring with it a lot to take in!  But the BRIDE is coming out – either with you or without you! So the Lord spoke to me write this down and let it be read… for It is time to LOVE GOD AND LOVE EACH OTHER.

I hope every one of the millions of Christians reads this and takes it to heart.

The Church in china is praying for persecution  to come to the western church so that we would wake up!  Would it be grand if we were awakened by the Spirit, instead of persecution and heeded the word???????

I believe 2013 is going to be the most amazing miracle filled, signs and wonders years since 2000 years ago!!!!!!

God is happy Why would he not be ???? He is about to put everything back in its place!

We are happy … even the Prophets wish to be alive to see this!

Everyone Get drunk on the glory and spread this joy of salvation GRACELATION around!!!

In Love Pastor Frank


Dream of sheep and wolves


Last night, I dreamed the following prophetic dream.
I was walking and turned towards a back yard and first noticed sheep, cowered… I mean that they were scared, bent up in a submission way. Then I noticed the angry, violent wolves behind them. One large adult sheep was being cornered, not to be attacked, but to be kept away from the others. I walked straight up to this wolf and yelled for it to back off.  At first it did not respond, but as I stood my ground, the wolf went into coward profile, hunched down and backed away. I walked toward the back and a large Sheep was making noise towards a wolf.  I looked at the wolf and under the wolf’s paw was a lamb. This was the target.  You could tell the lamb had given up, and was going with the wolf.  I began to command the wolf to let the lamb go and leave… After only a few statements the wolf let go of the lamb, the lamb ran to the larger sheep, and the wolf went from advancer, attacker, to being ruled over. As I left the back yard noticed a sign that stated “Wolves not allowed”.

This was a dream about the law, repent only, Christian leaders. They rule over sheep by their intimidating stances over the church, their powerful presence. The sheep, not knowing, cower down. Some older Christians try to stand up but get cornered and separated. All the while the wolf has his paw, foot holding down the lamb.. the lamb of God… It only took one with authority, and not trying to please man, to take a stand and the true colors of the wolf showed. Finally, The sign was a point that those that preach “repent christian” ; law mixed with grace message, violate other laws… they pick which laws must be followed .. but overlook others… especially in their lives! Wolves, do not want you to be Holy, Righteous in Christ… but in their opinion. Most do not enjoy laughter in church, signs and wonders, healings in every meeting… They only see the same sheep cower down crying weeping over the same things over and over… But they have books… conferences, followers… That makes them correct!!!!!  Not!!!!!  Just sheepish people.. as they tread upon the head of Jesus and the message of the cross.

In the early 90’s as I preached revivals, many “spin offs” of the “renewal” movement out of Toronto, and the “Revival” movement out of Pensacola, as I preached, not knowing the fullness of the message I preach today, I would make this statement…..
“I do not know the last time I sinned.”
 Now, I understand this as the finished work of Christ, but back then it was just an observation.  I cannot tell you how many arguments ensued! With pastors, leaders and people… The funniest was that, after all was said, each would leave with this , “Well brother the sin of pride you just committed!” Which was untrue, because my life was lost in Christ and I was bragging upon the reality of what a life in Christ produces!  Grace produces! Sinless! Righteous, Holiness.  It amazed me, then and now, how many cling to their identity in Adam, the fallen state, instead of Jesus! How good God is to set us free! Now I know it is the message of Grace set me free from sin, but back then it was simply observing my life. I was so busy being happy, living for Christ, doing mission, outreach and Revival… seeing healings, raising the dead, and signs and wonders, drunk’n bliss laughter, and more… Who has time for sin!!!!!! Who would want to sin!!!!!!!

Yet even today ,if you preach grace, the lawyers, judges, and self appointed wolves label it “do as you want” freedom…. this only shows their ignorance… They say, stay miserable… Repent at your efforts.. you have a brass ceiling…  your prayers are blocked… . keep trying you might get it right “SOME DAY”.

Beware of the Christian Lawyers, Judges, Condemners….. Wolves…..
Embrace Grace….. Signs wonders and miracles .. the Prophetic…. Jesus!!!!
The Finished work of Christ…

In Love Frank Gresham

A head stone marker over grave

For days now I have been seeing in a vision a old head stone marker over a grave.. Kept wondering “what is this Lord?”. Sunday I shared about forgiving and moving on…. Was that it, I wondered. I heard of another ministry shutting it’s doors and leadership getting a divorce because of the strain upon their marriage cause by ministry… Was it this Lord?
I heard of a person who is truly a follower of Christ wondering if they were going to heaven when they die because of a stupid TV preacher lying about the graceof God and condemning a person to hell because of works.. Was this it Lord?

Then last night as I awoke the Lord began to show me……..

The tomb stone, the grave marker is old.. Because it represents old news, the old way of the law, the way of religious works… The gave means something died…. And this was His message….. “stop visiting the grave! Stop visiting your old self, stop visiting the law, stop visiting old thoughts, lay your flowers in homage to the departed and walk away…
The Lord said, “you are new, all things passed away, now all things made new, too many preachers and teachers will tell you come to the life in Christ, then nstruct you how to reserect your old self, and try to make that dead person be better trained and do good works… No it is dead… Lay flowers say good bye and live life new…

We must not allow our yesterday define our today nor our tomorrow!

Let Jesus define yesterday, you were forgiven, heard, redeemed… Your sins atoned for…
And move forward… Do not visit the grave…

On the head stone I saw this…. Here lies Theo Self let it be in the hand of God go and be a new self.

In love pastor frank


Peace, power, and purpose found at a cross


Peace Power and Purpose


When Saul was changed into Paul, it was a radical transformation, causing even a change in location of living for a season to deal with such a change. He not only changed Lifestyles but absolute way of living. From legal to grace, from trying to being, from never achieving to becoming, from living up to unachievable goals to being the goal……..

As he traveled and preached this was the expectation of a “conversion”, a person of GRACELATIO;. That they would be transformed, changed, holy, living with Peace Power and purpose.

Peace; they would know that Christ, the Finished work of the cross made them holy, included them, cause righteousness, Transformed their way of thinking and life, they now had a peace with God that passed understanding, instead of working for favor they are favored, instead of sacrifices there was an atonement. Peace meant they were good with God… now instead of guilt and shame there was peace and power.

Power: power over sin, power over sickness, power to live Holy, power to think right, to make choices, power to live with grace for others and themselves, power to overcome, power of faith that came with Gracelation, that before was requirement now faith in action…which produced purpose.

Purpose: no longer just the priest, the pastor the leader operated in faith signs and miracles, but each individual. They could share grace and faith, They participate and serve the way (the church) without manipulation or requirement, They found in living with God they finally found the destiny purpose individually of their reason for living…


Paul only saw this kind of conversion, expected it, to the point of when he found a church in Corinth that a man was not living holy, after God, in the church, he said remove him so He can hopefully find his was to righteousness. We are not doing this today, and I don’t really advocate it, but we need to point out that Paul had an expectation of transformation that came by leaving one form of religion with God and entering into a new Way, grace.


Following the way, Jesus, was not a new religion, but a new life! Today we have made becoming a christian a cerebral experience, knowledge. But Jesus and Paul preached and transformation, new creation, caused by the cross, the atonement, a gracelation experience.


How do we do this now… now that we have been preaching and teaching a mix of law and grace? SLOWLY! We do not want to harm believers….. we do not want to cause any to stumble.. but we must start leading them into the fullness. I had a pastor ask me, “How do I know who already has been transformed in my church by gracelation?” I said, “That is easy, you know who is committed to the church without asking. they ones who pray without fasting, the ones who have peace and rest in their relationship with God, the ones who give not out of any reason except they are givers. You know who have been transformed.” He said but that is so few! I replied then you know the reason you need to begin your work….. training….


God is good and given new life!!!!


In Love Pastor Frank

What if??????



What if i told you of a God, who sacrificed Himself to set you free from even the very law He created?

What if I told you the creator of the universe was happy, loved you and had a destiny for you?

What if I told you the one who formed you want and had healed you?

What if I told you there is nothing that can separate you from the Love of God even your sin, and mistakes?

What if I told you about a God who did not want to start a religion, but instead wanted an open a relationship with you?

What is I told you about a Supreme Being, God, who is not upset, nor is He surprised by you?

What if I told you about a Loving God, who is like a Father, filling you with His very essence, His Spirit, so you could act and be like Him?

What if I told you about a God, who Is Good…. and anything His enemies throw at you He can turn for Good?

What if i told you about a God who loves His enemies?

What if I told you about a God that speaks to us?

What if I told you about a God who ………?

What if??????


God is all these things… Church should be about joy, hope, Grace, not manipulation, entertainment…. but encouragement, training equipping and fellowship…

Our lives should be lived out loud, with joy, peace, grace and joy… knowing the KING is Poppa, and He is for us… and we are forgiven…… no more separation….


In Love Pastor Frank

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