We do great church….. Really!!!!


This is a message about the church… Now ….. and the bride to come…
Prior to August except for revival meetings I had not been in a church meeting unless I was preaching for more than 3 years…. In the past 5 months I have attended with friends a mega church in Texas, a service in North Carolina, one in Jacksonville and another this past week in Tampa at RHB The River…….. Here is my thoughts..

Before I share my thoughts I want you to know I am absolutely serious and not critical at all I mean what I am about to say with all my heart…… And I will trust this statement to cover most every church on the planet today and it is a compliment…..

We do church really well!

That is my thought every service… “This is awesome.”. Great worship, lots of people singing together, good word, a family atmosphere, people who care for each other…. We do church really good!!! Big video… Nice buildings… And true-fully, we do it well…. The people truly loving seeking God… People doing things, helping, offering ( while may be down due to economy, most give or desire to give) , most messages are right and accurate (for their group), and I mean this from my heart …. Some will think I am being sarcastic …. I want you to know I am not!!!!!

Ok but here is the catch… This is a missionary speaking remember…. When are we going to do living well? Not simply life but living the Kingdom of God well? Each person reacting to their destiny calling… Loving life, living grace, giving love… Not just in the house but in life… Worship .. Quality worship daily in and with our lives….

I look forward to the day that the excellence in our church service becomes excellence in our communities…

One of my good friends in biker ministry says, “you always know a true minister when they operate in the same way if they are wearing a “cut” ( vest with a ministry logo patch on the back) Or not. When they act as a minister while at the event or away from it.”. In other words…. When will we worship in quality away from the church? When will we receive a good word outside he church? When will we fellowship in our homes with grace? Be family ? Givers outside the church? And still find the importance of the church gathering and community? You see we don’t need to replace church… But increase it!!!! Take it home (if you will)…. Become a bride church.

One great preacher Bishop Lance Johnson says it this way, “when are we not going to do church …. but be the church!”

I hope you are getting this….. We need to train and equip the saints not only how to do great church, but how to live great Christian lives!!!!! We got Sunday and Wednesday down….. Now away from those meetings how much quality do we see? Faith?

The Lord has given me great insight to break out 2012…. The now word for the ready church to break out and walk in quality (that we already experience in the church) outside in life….

How would you and your church like to experience a break out in financial Income?
How would you and your church like to experience a break out in healing miracles?
How would you and your church like to experience a break out in prophetic words to those outside the church?
How would you and your church like to experience a break out in vision and dreams?
How would you and your church like to experience a break out in grace?

Well I truly believe your church is only a step away.

Back to the thought… We do church amazingly well….. Let’s us begin to live life with the same quality….

Three thing to remember… Be born again…. Seek ye first the King…. Live life full of peace, joy and grace…. Shabba glory….

Go to church this week …. It is wonderful….

I hunger to spread what God is speaking right now to the right church….

Many times I really want to be with the lost …..

But today I desire to see my brothers and sisters break out because of this wondrous message of grace…. I hunger for the church to become the bride…. We are so close…. Revival is sooooo close. Not just the kind to do church really good again..with more night in a row with a great speaker…. . But the kind that changes the atmosphere of out city… And our people’s homes…. Even with better , more of, the joy and peace that manifests betweens their ears in their own minds… Overcoming mentality…. Faith… To move mountains…

In absolute love…. Pastor frank

Question….. Which church will be the first in 2012 to receive this????? We were on schedule in Tennessee but got cancelled due to finances… So now where?.. Come on Lord!!!!!!! Contact the office frank@jcdaytona.org.