Has been….. But now……

I am a has been….. You are a has been… They all are has been’s………

Now are……

People might have been:
Caught up in sex trafficking…
Drunk and with many DWI
Married but many affairs
Followed other gods
Been a stripper
1% biker
Business man, selfish and prideful
Slept with many partners
A prostitute
Leader of a church but knew in your heart you did not know Jesus
Worked at trying to improve yourself
Tried to make God approve of you and like you
Shot heroine
Crack cocaine
Cooked meth
Just an average joe, but going nowhere and hated church and church people
Really no vises…. Just a simple country boy
A rock star
Bi polar
And anything else…….

But now and forever more you are….
With a renewed mind
At peace
New creature
Walking in heaven places
Exercising spiritual authority
Irritating the devil
Laughing a lot
Enjoy worship
Love church
Love the wold as Christ loves the world
Love drinking new wine….!!!!!
Having visions
Prophetic words
And much much more

I am a has been that is now and forever more a Son of the King!

You are to because of the sacrifice of the King, Jesus, the lion / lamb that took your sin away… Now and forever more changed, given, forgiven… Walking in the fullness of joy……

Don’t get hung up and out on what has been .. But live what has become… You did not simply get saved, but you were buried in the likeness and fullness of His death… Now live in the likeness and fullness of His resurrection……

If it s not fun don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!

In love at Thunderbeach biker rally in Panama City Beach Fl……
Pastor frank…..
of joy