Devotional. Specific

Specifically, what is it you desire from the Lord today? What do you expect? A miracle? What kind would you like? Revival? How large? In what format? With who in control?

We spend so much time with a lot of spiritual jargon about what we would like or what we think the Lord is doing, going to do, or we would hope Him to do. Even if He did do something today we would most likely miss it because we are not expecting, nor have asked anything specific enough to acknowledge it being God when it happens. We religiously stick God out here to do on His own what He told us to do… You have not because you ask not!

When the Ghost comes upon me… No matter where .. I know Him and allow Him to touch me.. Because I expect it ask for it daily.. To encounter His glory daily, to dwell in His presence daily.. To hear Him and see Him… So I gain that from Him daily because I know it is mine and I am looking for Him… He does not hide things from us to keep us away but for us to discover.

Specifically what are you looking for in your church? Meeting? Prayer time? Daily living in the Kingdom of God?

You will find Him more, see more healed, joy overtake you… When you are looking for Him!

The Lord will surprise you once and awhile by showing up, Jehovah sneaky…. But this is only for you to recognize Him, and His glory! His reality is a life time of Him! A lifetime of experiences, presence… Once you have this you will never go a day without expectation, seeking council… Too many get council from the Lord and then proceed on their revelation.. Soon this will become religious and works… Failure soon to come… Because you never get revelation from the Lord and stop … Revelation will lead to more dependency upon Him, His conversation, His glory… From glory to glory…. If He says do this or that… Then you will be drawn to a place of daily dependency of revelation… David did not get one word, but revelation instruction, guidance on going from the Lord. How much more when the Lord dwells within His kids…

Do it without Him … You will be found short of he glory…….

What do you expect today… Ask seek the Lord! Experience… Not by works but from identity!

He loves turning things upside down to show His love……..

In love pastor frank

This week glory gathering Perth Ontario Canada. Expecting His glory…… With manifestation…