Break out of religious practices and enter His loving arm


The common understanding of all churches is a “universalist theology”, which states, ” because of one man, Adam, all mankind has sinned”. We all believe this and trust this to be true…….

Then why is it so hard to understand the universal price of salvation through one man Jesus? Now, before you think I am a universalist, which I am not, I do believe, trust and know that every person must have an encounter with Jesus to enter this kingdom on earth…. As I call it a gracelation encounter. I do not believe according to scripture that some people are predestined to Hell, I do not believe God died upon the cross and took the sins of the world, but that world was limited to a few lucky souls, I do not believe that the greater glory of salvation upon the cross was limited to a few lucky people who were elected before time and the rest of the world simply has no opportunity to enter the kingdom of God.

Does not the bible tell us that the actions of Jesus were greater than the actions of Adam? If this be true, then how much more the opportunity for man to gain sonship, become daughters, of the king of kings? We are to be living examples of the teachings of Jesus, Poppa, Holy Spirit….. Including the writings from the trinity given through Paul and others….

He has given us every spiritual gift of heaven, placed in seats of authority, all that is His has been given to us, our sin has been taken, and new life replaced the fallen state of the universalIsm down fall of man created by Adam and Eve.

This always comes up…… What about…? What about people who claim being saved but live like the devil? What about people who say ” I said a prayer, now I can do what I want.”.
We are not talking about a knowledge of Christ and he cross…. I am talking about an encounter with my love, my savior, my friend, my all in all….. Once this encounter takes place your life is not restricted, but constrained…… We are constrained by love, devotion. Our action follow the actions of our savior… Our lives are lived not for ourselves but for Christ…

Absolute freedom to stay at rest, in His loving arms, drunken on His glorious presence, whacked by His goodness, and we embrace His grace for all we meet…..
For the thirsty and drink
For the hungry, meat
For the bound, freedom
The sick, healing,
The captive, broken chains
Loving everyone as if there are only two kinds of people in the world, those that love and follow Christ, and those that are about to! Which one are you?

My message is to get you free… Free to enjoy God, not be scared of Him
Free to laugh, love, dance and embrace the King.
My desire is too have Christians not see themselves as ” better than” but to see themselves as one with the answer for your sickness sin or disease.
For Christians to be known by love and grace not judgmental, condemnation, and arrogance.

The only way this happens is by encountering through a gracelation experience a loving Father, saving Son, and empowering Spirit……..

Think upon it this way….. All people at one time are on a road that they do not know.. Called sin… At some point the encounter love, Christ, grace… A crossroad and they see Jesus, pure and holy…. They have a choice to stay on the road of sin or turn onto the new road….. The benefit of turning is not known until the turn is made… But you find yourself dressed differently, in the mirror you resemble the savior, you have a glory upon you and it is the same glory you encountered at that crossroad, you see love, extreme joy overtakes you and you laugh at the simplest of things….. You find you have become new….

Hopefully you will not be riding a horse when this comes upon you… You might find yourself on the floor blinded by His presence.. (reference to Paul’s conversion) ….

I hope you were blessed by this..

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