To the beloved of Christ,

Healing report:  A member of our church reported that a few weeks ago as she received a report of a friend who had recently been given the report from diagnosis that he had cancer in three places in his body and they needed to take further test to decide what to do…..  After getting off the phone she walked into the kitchen and the Holy Spirit fell upon her…  She knew He was healed… As she walked back into the living room told her husband what had happened….  Weeks later the call came from her friend…. No cancer!!!!!
Both the husband nor the friend are strong believers!!!!!


How does Jesus love… or how did He show us to love while here on earth…..  Eating with sinners… forgiving adultery…. Embracing woman into His close circle of friends … touching the un- touchable leprosy…. Inviting the worst sinner to dinner at the sinners house … healing people who were not “saved”….

How do we teach to love….. Have only Christian friends… avoid places that will give you a bad reputation… don’t watch or listen to this or that, only Christian…. Don’t have unclean friends …. Be around only with people who agree with you.

How can we change the world if we don’t have relationship with people outside the Christian world. If you read the bible Jesus was only harsh towards those who supposed to have the truth but denied the power it gave… Religious!  This should be a stern warning not to get religious!!!!!!!

We need to love like Jesus!!!!!!!

In Love Pastor Frank