Mission Uganda 2012

Praise the lord…. We are bliss, blasted in His glory realm…

Writing this from a hotel… But suppose to be in the air flying home!!!!!!
Last night at 11 pm boarded plane only to be taken off collect bags and be sent to hotel….
Today will fly out at 11 pm..hopefully… And be home Saturday night at 6:30 pm… 24 hours late…
Nancy Alonzo still needs prayer for flights… Last night when we arrived at airport they did not have reservation for Nancy!!!!! They said she was listed as no show out of new Orleans… Thanks UA!!!!
So we have no phone so we are trying to contact through email and get her home!!! Pray..

Now last 2weeks….

We held 3 pastors conference in three villages in the “bush”… Plus on bible school graduation and one ordination service…. Each meeting was scheduled for 10am-4pm everyday due to no electricity except for generator we used for sound system… On travel days we would conclude meeting at 1 pm and then drive to next town..
We would stay in hotels in nearest town to village which sometimes was an hour away.

A typical day was up at 7:30…. Breakfast ( I brought instant Starbucks.. Glory)… Load up at 9 and drive to village … Once arrived we would give out gifts to school children in village going to schools provided by the local church we were working with…. Then set up sound system and begin… Which normally was about 11am.. African time!!!!!

Then worship for about an hour then Aurora would teach… Winnie say a few words… Then nancy would go about an hour and I would take the rest of the time!!! he he

Alters were full every meeting…
Healings reported:
Neck injured for 6 years instantly healed
Woman with stomach issues for over 3 years healed
Another lady head aches healed
Deaf ears..opened
One man with seeing sight problems healed
Many others…..

I met a lady who was raised from the dead in 2002!!!! She had been dead 3 days and the pastor was praying only 3 hours before she was to be buried… A local unbeliever came in and mocked his prayers, and his God…. Then only hours before she was going to be buried. She came alive!!!!!

Another story of a young boy raised from the dead!!!!!! 1 1/2 years old died… They brought him to the church while service was going on… The preacher was preaching on the power of the resurrection… They gave the boy to the pastor and as he prayed the boy came back to life….

Joy… In each meeting laughter could be heard!!!! This is not normal for these people living out in the bush people are hardened and not emotional… By the last meeting of three in each village they would be rolling on the ground in full joy and laughter!!!!

On the trip from village #2 to village #3 our car broke down!! The tie rod broke holding the tire and being able to steer…. We took the car part off… Abu, took a boda boda ( small motorcycle they use kind of like a one seat taxis) to another town …. Four hours later, he arrived back… 30 minutes to put part back on… Back on road arriving at our next hotel (45 minutes from village) at 10 pm… Driving at night in the bush is a bit un- nerving!!!

Some roads in the bush are paved but majority are clay mud with huge ruts caused by rain run off… So you average about 25 miles per hour anywhere you go.

In villages houses are huts… Made from wood logs as a skeleton… Then mud about 9 inches thick.. With straw or grass roofs…. Some structures if you have a bit more money are made from home made bricks… These are made from clay blocks hand made then they stack them in huge pyramids then build fires under the pyramid and cook them for two days… These structures still have mud plaster out side and grass or straw roof… Some churches and school buildings are brick with metal sheet roofing…

Water some times is 4 miles away causing each family to walk both ways about every other da to fetch water for cooking, cleaning and drinking..

Aurora a missionary from victory fellowship in new Orleans is doing amazing work .. Single woman in a male dominated church structure.. But she is helping schools, orphans, and pastors increase and be better…. We will soon have a way for churches to send supplies clothing… Plus make it available for you to sponsor an orphan for $35 a month…

Please continue to pray.. Until I get home safely ..

Love ya pastor frank