Shabba missions….

Many of you that keep up with our missions and revival schedule know this next statement… Here we go again…..
I am on the road to Thunderbeach, in Panama City Beach FL, for another biker event mission… I will be joined by Dean Cheeks and Pastor Nancy… Plus joining up with City Church Canton GA and lance Johnson……..
This year we have moved our site to the boardwalk resort and with “Full Throttle” biker magazine…
We are looking forward to another great weekend of holy spirit testimonies…. Shabba..

As you know I just finished up the Uganda mission… Well it continues.. Reports back that over 18 people received Christ, over 13 healings… And many were illnesses that had been on people for over 6 years!!!! Shabba… But best of all joy and laughter rang out in the air… We will soon have information about helping a child in Uganda with direct support… Paying for school, clothes, shelter and food for orphans being touched by ACM ministries…. This support is not a fund raiser for the ministry but 100% goes to your child….. Also we will soon be partnering with our brothers at CCM ( Morningstar missions) and Zoa water to get a well at the church and school we visited… They walk 4 miles each way for water…!!!!!!! So up and coming missions…

June 15-24 beach reach mission training and outreach. Coming soon…..

Also be praying…. “King of Glory Biker Church” is beginning September 28, 2012… Putting together worship team, and setting up venue site… Will be at biker venue or bar!!!!! If you live near Daytona and want to help please contact me…..

Shabba glory. Pastor frank