Two things produced



As I read the stories of the lifestyle and action, plus the words of Jesus I am always amazed at two thing, His peace in every situation, and His ability to walk in authority as a man.

This must have, and does, come to us through the knowledge of presence and position.

Knowing the presence and reality of heaven and Father…. And Who the King / Father / Poppa says we are…

It goes to renewing your mind… this is not renewing our mind of our opinions, nor sin, but who we are… whose we are…. And what we are to do….

Renewing our mind, teaching others to heal the sick….. This is a funny statement… because it is not us but Him, but yet many think they can’t which is true… but they can because they simply need to learn to be empty, let go and let God….    To laugh a lot…. Lay on the floor  a lot…. Put on worship and watch the visions come…..

Our ability to walk in the supernatural is a direct relationship with our ability to receive the Kingdom….

In our meetings I have seen God heal all who were in the room healed… gold dust covering people for days… oil coming out of the palms of peoples hands.. Angelic appearances…. But the greatest two things that happens… one) when souls are saved, two) when others start learning they can walk in the supernatural Kingdom of God …doing the very works of Jesus…..

Whoooooosh’m Lord!!!!!!

Shabba glory….

In love pastor frank


His glory changing us!! Shabba word


Glory glory glory!!!!!!

We must be convinced of His goodness, His promise, and His price… The cross! To have confidence to trust the Lord.. Trust Him to provide for us, protect us, and proceed before us…. Then we will have boldness and courage…

This can only happen from a joy that has background in truth of the word. This comes only from being free from sin, being free from worry, being free to enjoy the Lord!!!! Knowing that when He opens a door no man can get in the way…. That when you pray the Lord answers… Healing happens …. Signs follow… Shabba…

Confidence… Security .. Authority .. Imparted… Equipping the saints to do ministry daily in life… Living life..

CANADA ….. Sign up today… Revival fires burn… Keep getting more and more about Canada… “100 nights…” The Lord said…. Turning a new page in Canada… 11th hour…. I have worship teams asking about to come… Other revivalist hungry to participate… Glory.. Looking for a host revivalist pastor ready for Him.. His glory filling the temple.. Not fluff, not hype… Just glory…

In love pastor Frank
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Thank Janet and frank Gresham

Eleventh hour


Today my host took me on a tour of Ottawa. We parked and walked up to the Parliament building. Beautiful! As we walked up we noticed the big bend clock tower was 10:45..
As we walked in went through inspection and entered the building we walked up to go up into “freedom tower” the tower in which houses the big bend clock and bell system. As we get into elevator to go up to observation deck…. The bells ring … 11 am …. At the very moment in the “hall of remembrance “. The pages of the heroes ( military personnel killed in action in Canada’s wars) the page is turned….

I have been told many things by other people what God is about to do through us and our ministry… But as I stood at the capital of this great country I heard the Lord say…
“this is the eleventh hour, and a page has been turned in your destiny. You are one of the great heroes of the modern faith, and I am promoting you in others opinions… You are going to bring boldness and courage to then bride… It is he eleventh hour and the page has been turned,!!!!

Pray for revival in Canada… We could be here for awhile!!!! Glory… God s doing something!!!

Shabba glory….
Loving Jesus… Pastor Frank